Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Way Better than Sesame Place

One of the days in NH we went to Storyland.  Now Dave went to Storyland as a child, it's very close to his family home home in NH and I wanted to check it out.  I was not prepared for how awesome it would be for a 2.5 year old Nolan.  Seriously this place was awesome.
 Below is the infamous ball pit that Dave's brother got 'lost' in.  He lay down at the bottom and put the balls on top giving his family a bit scare.  I'd heard this story many times but didn't imagine how big the ball pit would be.  
 What was so awesome about Storyland was everything was NOT a 'ride' with a line.  There were little houses to explore, like the three little bears house that had about 5 foot ceilings and three chairs and three beds (each small, medium and large- you know the story).  There were some slides, a giant pirate area complete with big wooden boats to climb around on as well two large boat rides.  There were rides too, but not everything had a line to wait in, which can be painful for a 2.5 year old.  
 So overall Nolan had a great time.  A few times he decided that the wait in a line was too long and would jump out.  Once we had to stop a ride and get off midway because he was scared (well, because he saw another girl get scared and get off the ride).  But overall he had a great time.  He was very excited to drive the antique cars, one of my all-time favorite rides at parks.  I admit, I got choked up waiting in line remembering how many times I waited anxious to 'drive' with my parents.
 And he loved it.  We found a smaller version of this ride later at the park which was totally awesome and no line so we rode on that 3 times too.
Overall this was infinitely better than Sesame Place.  This was better organized, cleaner and well thought out.  Nolan had a really great time at Storyland.  We did too.  

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