Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Progression

Growing up as the granddaughter of a retired lobsterman meant having lobsters a lot more often than other children might.  The fishermen would come up from their boats straight to my Grampa's house with a bucket of lobsters.  We'd have lobster races on this very floor every time we had lobsters.  Though they don't really move too much. 
So when we had lobster last week, it was so fun to see Nolan's reaction to it.  It took a little encouragement to get him to touch the lobster. 
 First he started with the antenna, then held Gramma's hand while she touched the lobster.
 Then he touched it himself (I'm so proud!)
 Then we took them all out before we cooked them.
 Nolan learning how the lobsters swim (by using their tails) and getting a good view of their legs and claws.
 And while he wasn't too interested in the meat of the lobster he loved crunching on the shells.  We gave him a tail flipper to suck on and he did for a while.  He took a single bite of lobster and we all cheered.  No sense in forcing the kid to eat my yummy dinner, right?

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