Thursday, August 2, 2012

Peach Picking

Wow, it's already Thursday?  How did that happen?  We went peach picking this weekend at a local farm.  I LOVE peaches and was thrilled at the idea of picking some fresh and local.  
So the weather was ideal for picking peaches, cool and overcast.  Nolan brought his trusty fire truck with him. 
 What was so cool about this place, aside from the tractor ride to the trees, was that the trees were loaded with peaches, and many could be reached from Nolan's height.
 He loved having the row to himself and did lots of running.
 Then he discovered that the leaves of the tree are ticklish.  So we did a bit of tree tickling.
 This was a really awesome family-day-out.  It didn't take too long, it wasn't too hot, Nolan was well behaved and we got some shopping done.  We headed back to the barn for some donuts and then headed to a nearby farm to see chickens and piggies.  

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