Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Impromptu Trip

A week ago my mom informed me she'd be heading to my Grampa's house in Scituate MA for a week.  It wasn't a lot of notice but we were free.  So we headed up to see her.
There was a LOT of work to do in the house to get it ready to sell (so sad) but she got lots done. 
 And there was even time to play at the beach.
 Now, this beach is special for so many reasons, where my mom learned how to swim as a child, the beach her family dog was named after, where I spent many beach trips in the summertime as a kid and the fact that the water is cold.  Like real cold.  Like 55 degrees or something.
 So thank goodness this was as deep into the water Nolan went.  Hypothermia can be troublesome to treat.
 He had a great time.  My mom got lots taken care of.  It was nice to be back at the house again.  If you know anyone who wants a house with Scitaute Harbor views, please contact me.

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