Sunday, August 26, 2012

Home Sweet Home

What a summer this has been!  I've been so fortunate to be able to have gone on 4 separate week-long trips.  And when I was younger (not that I'm 'old') or perhaps when I was sans child, this would have thrilled me to pieces- I loved to travel.  However I can't tell you how happy I am to be done with traveling for a bit.  Traveling with a toddler can offer challenges you might not have thought of.  Like when he bit into (and popped) his vacation air-bed.  You know, the one we borrowed from friends.  Yeah, that was awesome.  Lots of things surprised me this summer, really.
 Like when you're at an amusement park filled with all sorts of awesome rides and slides and ball pits (Story Land in NH) and Nolan says 'Let's climb on this and make chicken sounds'.  Just sometimes the things he says just comes out of nowhere. 
 Or when we waited in line for, oh, maybe 7 minutes, and when he was 3 people before his turn he changed his mind and didn't want to go on that ride anymore...  Also something that was really interesting to him was this huge (cold) marble ball that floated on water that he could spin.  It was kinda cool.  
 I'll get to all the great activities that we enjoyed last week in the upcoming blogs.  But I have to say, it's nice to be home.  There have been so many things put on the back burner until after this trip was over.  Now we look forward to some fun days exploring some neat habitats we learned about in Nature class, enjoying some regular visits to the gym, with friends, walks in the neighborhood, playing with letters and, oh yeah, potty training.  

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