Monday, July 2, 2012

Vacation again

Our vacation mornings started out like this.  Hanging out in our pjs, sitting on the couch, drinking coffee and watching cartoons.  Cartoons are rare in our house it was a treat for Nolan to have tv.  He clearly was thrilled with his new schedule.
When we weren't at the beach we would walk around, mostly on the boardwalk.  This place is a little bit of a throwback to simple vacations.  The boardwalk has all the typical boardwalk foods- pretzels, ice cream, pizza, french fries, funnel cakes (that's fried dough to some of us) and it has some arcades and rides.  Here Nolan is taking a spin on some rides.  
 What was really nice was that he is finally over 36 inches.  When we went to the Big E he longed to ride on this ride and now he could ride on it all he wanted.  And he did.  
 One morning when it was a tad cool we took a walk and stopped at an arcade.  Here Nolan is riding this 'ride'.  What's funny is we see these types of 'rides' at many stores in our area and never put money in them but let him climb all over it.  While we might have made a rookie parenting mistake by putting the money in these it was worth it.  He really enjoyed climbing and riding these. He was also quite interested in all of the shooting games.  I didn't love that.
 And as we were heading back to our house wondering how we would spend the next hour we came upon a really low-key mini golf place.  As a frequent Pirate's Cove mini-golfer I was stunned at the price of this place ($3pp) and got some good chuckles at some of the 'hazards' including the frog that spun around while a very human sounding voice said 'Ribbit Ribbit, Ribbit Ribbit'.  Since Nolan enjoys watching golf on TV and playing it both inside the house and in the yard I thought it'd be fun to give it a go.  The place was practically empty so we gave it a shot.  
 Nolan did great!  He did some good swinging of the club and hitting of the ball.  He would often take a swing and see where it went and then pick up the ball placing it inches from the hole.  When he made it in he'd say surprisingly 'I MADE IT' and sometimes cheer himself.  
A good time was had by all!

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