Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vacation #2

After a fantastic trip to New Jersey and three days at home Nolan and I packed up again to head to New Hampshire with a stop to visit some Canadian relatives on the way up.  After playing in the pool with the Canucks Nolan slept the whole way to Nana and GaGa's house.
Our visit in NH was really lovely, days filled with boating and swimming.  Nolan really loved the pond especially riding in GaGa's boat!   
The highlight of our trip was 'A Day Out With Thomas'.  GaGa, Nolan and I visited with Thomas and then rode on Thomas the train!
 So we had a great day, we rode on this little yellow train, we painted a rock, we listened to a (slightly scary) children's singer, we got a Thomas tattoo.  Nolan seemed to really like it.   
What a whirlwind few weeks we've had.  Last night I woke up completely confused where I was.  Then I realized I was in my own room!

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