Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Kind I Want To Be

This is the kind of Mom I want to be.  The one that makes cute little learning/'sensory' stations throughout their house and doesn't mind the mess.
The one who encourages them to play with things just to explore and learn.   
 I am not that kind of mom.
BUT today, I was!  And I'm so darn proud of it I'm going to gloat on this blog.  Yesterday I was not a good mom and, believe it or not, Nolan was not a very good boy.  But today is promising...  
 On this blog I try hard not to complain about motherhood, his toddler behavior or highlight his two-year-old-ness.  I want people from afar (and closeby) to look at this blog to see what he's into and what he's like, not hear me griping about parenting or 'issues' my child his having (he has some, don't you worry!).  It occurred to me that it is wrongfully painting him as an angel and me as a Pinterest-Mom type.   He is not.  And I am not.  (well, I love pinterest but am too lazy to do a lot of the great suggestions other people do with their toddlers).  
But lookie here.  I did this!  And it was EASY!  This required the purchase of some new sponges.  The rest is a beach towel, water and plastic containers.  He occupied himself for a whole 15 minutes(!!) and the cleanup was a cinch- just a change of clothes, clean the tupperware and hang towel outside.  It was quite fun to watch him pour from container to another.  Then he'd spill/pour the water on the towel and I'd use the sponges to soak up the spilled water and squeeze into the plastic containers again.  

Here's hoping to a good afternoon today!

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