Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Side Trip to Sesame Place

While in NJ we took side trip to PA to go to Sesame Place.  I was SO excited about this trip, so many people talked about how awesome this place was.  I must confess I was a tad underwhelmed.  When we first arrived we went to see an Elmo's World show.  Nolan really enjoyed it, even danced in his seat.  After he got to go on the set and check things out.
 Next up we hit the 'rides'.  Nolan first went on this.  It's called Cookie Monster's Mountain or something like that.  You can climb up to the top and slide down it.  Nolan really enjoyed this.  He also rode on Grover's Tea Cups and Big Bird's Balloon Ride.
 Even though it was really hot we opted to skip the water park portion of Sesame Place which I'm sure makes this place really awesome.  The lines were really long for all water rides and we thought we were tempting our fate with changing up Nolan's routine anyway.
 At one point Nolan really wanted to climb in this giant net thing.  So he and I got in and climbed to the top.  When we got to the top he completely freaked and I had to figure out how to carry him back down.  It was really high, perhaps he just noticed how high it was all of a sudden.  This is on the second level with tables and chairs and some 'rides' under us.
 But I would say Nolan's proudest moment was riding on the carousel.  He was super nervous about it and kept saying 'no' when we asked if he wanted to go on it.  We met up with his friend Molly who really wanted to ride it so he decided to also.  When we got in line he had his heart set on riding on a purple horse (no idea where that came from).  I was worried that we wouldn't find an available purple horse and this attempt would be a failure but lo and  behold we ended up being very first in line for the next ride and had our pick of purple horses.
Once on the horse he didn't want me anywhere near him.  I buckled him in and he told me to get off the carousel.  I stood far enough away from him and he seemed so proud to be doing it by himself.  Here are Nolan and Molly, the two red-faced babes with the tired parents sitting on the bench behind them.   If you ask him about Sesame Place the carousel ride is the first thing he mentions.
After the ride we watched the parade which was really cool.  All the characters sang and danced in it which was awesome.  Nolan has become slightly obsessed with Cookie Monster and was thrilled to see him in the parade.  That was close enough for Nolan.  He didn't want to give any hugs or high fives to any characters which was a bummer.  But I think he had a good time.

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