Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days where a chuckle or the break in someone's voice can startlingly bring back a memory of a loved one?  Today it seems like everything Nolan said reminded me of my Grampa.  It's funny how that is, right?  Just the way his voice cracked when he said certain things or how he was laughing while biting on his tongue reminded me of him.
 And what's funnier, when I started thinking about Nolan and my Grampa I started thinking about how Nolan regards all the old folks in our neighborhood.  Nolan was asking me today 'What's my friend Mikey doing?' when the 80 year old across the street was using the weed wacker.  OR 'What's my friend Joe doing?' when Joe, the guy who's probably near 70 was watering his tomatoes.   
A few days ago he was keeping track of the comings and goings of 'his friend' Carmello (easily into his 60s) who's driveway Nolan can see from his watch post.  
And then today when I was really thinking a lot about how magical it is that Nolan can help me remember my Grampa, Nolan started saying, very sweetly, "I miss you".  He said it over and over again.  Instead of trying to explain that you don't really 'miss' someone who you are with all day long I just responded with 'I miss you too.'  I'm not saying that Nolan is my Grandfather reincarnated, no way, but what I am saying is I feel really fortunate that today I was able to spend a good amount of time remembering someone I miss.  

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