Friday, July 27, 2012

More Pretending (sorry no video today)

Nolan has been doing a ton of pretending lately.  We pretended to play baseball when we came upon a baseball diamond but no bat and ball.  HE suggested we pretend.  So I pitched him the ball and he swung and ran the bases.  As we were climbing back into the car he started to panic, fearing we forgot the bat.  Neverfear, I have it right here in my hand!  
 So we made a boat with legos. You can see below he's sitting in the boat.  We used that tiny fireman hose as the paddle for a while but ultimately decided the golf club would make a better paddle.  
 We even made a boat for the little lego guy we have (see above picture).  Though Nolan's boat was much better.  We spent about 30 minutes paddling, making adjustments to the design and moving it from one room to another.  At times Nolan even 'swam under water' under the boat.  
This kid is kinda awesome.  Often the spiky dino still makes an appearance in the house but Mickey Mouse has also visited us.  The cutest is when Nolan picks up the imaginary Mickey Mouse, puts him on the floor, then gets on his elbows and knees and says to the space- 'Do you want to play with me?'  So darn cute!  Have a nice weekend!

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