Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Farmers Market

Last week we went to the Farmers Market.  Nolan was very excited about the 'Farmers Market' (said with a Boston accent) and helped pick the corn and zucchinis and then asked me where the farmer was.  He seemed surprised that the woman working at the table was the farmer (all farmers in his books are boys).  She even rides the tractor, she told him.  Needless to say he was in awe.
Our town's Farmers Market changed locations and while there still isn't a whole lot of fresh food to buy there is certainly a lot of other/new things to enjoy- like the cupcakes, Italian Ice, pastries, henna tattoos and face painting.  As a little girl I LOVED getting my face painted.  So we wandered over where Nolan stood and waited patiently for the first time EVER.  He watched, picked out a spiderman full face painting which I nixed and we settled on something on his arm, so he could look at it. When it came to be his turn he told the guy he wanted something blue.  And he wanted the guy to use the big powder puff brush (which is used for glitter).  That's my boy.  So we decided on two gliittery fish.  Nolan was VERY excited about the fish (and the Farmers Market) so I didn't remove them in hopes they'd still be on his arm when Daddy saw Nolan the next morning.  They were on his forehead instead.    

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