Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Video: Drugged Tired Baby

This kid is sick.  Like sick with a capital S.  We call it sickipoo at our house.  Generally when he's sick he sleeps a lot more and is generally more fragile.  We have counted our blessings over and over at how well he tolerates illness and how great of a sleeper he is.  However THIS is something entirely different.  It's Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.  Although for Nolan it's EVERYWHERE except the mouth (I think) disease.  The poor kid is miserable.  Miserable.

So after a NNN yesterday (NNN: No Nap Nolan) and the fact that the kid didn't get to sleep until about midnight and woke up several times between then and morning, he's tired.  And irritable.  So we tried swimming in the backyard pool.  We tried staying indoors.  And as a lead-up to naptime we did an oatmeal bath, benedryl and tylenol.  That coupled with some books read and a general lack of sleep lead to this video.

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