Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Safety First

Have I mentioned how much Nolan LOVES wearing his helmet?  It's absurd.  Sometimes he even calls people out when they are not wearing helmets while riding bikes or on motorcycles.  I think he wants to ride his bike or scooter just so he can wear his helmet.  So when we got a hand-me-down helmet Nolan was thrilled to have two helmets.
So he loaned one to his tebby bear.  Here you can see Nolan putting the helmet on Rupert.  Apparently Nolan thought he needed it.  Then he put Rupert down for a nap in the dining room (something he does often, actually). 
 Seeing Nolan do this is so darn funny.  I'm surprised he didn't try to take him outside and make him ride the scooter.  There's always the future for that.  In the meantime, somehow the helmet made it into our bathroom.  Not sure why but eventually it will make it down for Rupert again soon, I'm sure!


  1. OMG did you name Nolan's teddy bear after Stewie's teddy bear on Family Guy? If so, that's amazing - though it worries me if you're drawing parallel between Nolan and Stewie. If not, then you probably have no idea what I am talking about...

    1. Actually the bear was given to us with the name, Rupert, named after Stewie's teddy bear. So yes, it is a Family Guy reference that Uncle Jimmy made.