Monday, June 11, 2012


Nolan is really interested in the blue mailboxes.  I'm guessing his interest stems from an Elmo's World video he chooses whenever he is allowed to watch TV.  The video is about how the mail service works.  And whenever we take a walk we go past a blue mailbox, which he points out the minute he can see it.  I stop, open the top, explain how to put a letter in, that it drops to the bottom and a mailman comes with a key to open it and take to the post office.  Then I realized we could do this little experiment ourselves.  So Nolan painted Gramma and Grampa Jack each a picture. We put them in envelopes, he licked them (even though they were self sealing...) and he put the stamps on.
 Then we took our walk and when we got to the mailbox, Nolan put the envelopes in the box.  He seemed really excited about this, look how proud he looks!
Then when Gramma and Grampa Jack got the paintings they skyped with us and showed Nolan the  paintings were received.  Nolan was VERY excited about it and almost as though he couldn't believe it, kept asking them to show the paintings.  I think he gets it and I foresee many more trips to the blue mailbox in our future. 

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