Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

For Mother's Day I was treated OH so well I realized I needed to do something a bit more than find a shirt to get Dave for Father's Day.  I thought about a bunch of things and truly was stumped on what to get him and how to treat him extra special this one day of the year (ok, I treat him extra special on his birthday too).  So on Saturday night I surprised him by bringing him and Nolan to a Rock Cats game.  It was a good time, Nolan behaved well and we stayed until 830!  What a treat and a surprise!
 On Sunday we had brunch with Dave's parents and brother.  Dave chose the food items and I got up early with Nolan.  He also chose a special dessert for dinner and offered to cook dinner.  I must confess, I am so thankful he cooked dinner.  I felt like I was busy from wake-up to bedtime.  It was a lovely day but WHEW, a girl needs a break sometimes!
 Dave is THE hardest guy to shop for.  He is so content, he rarely voices desire to own anything more than he does.  If and when he does want something he doesn't hem and haw (or even mention it) he just gets it.  So gift getting is a challenge.  But I did get a 3-photo frame and posted these three photos in it. I don't know what he'll do with it (though I dream he brings it to work to show off his adorable son and his wife's crafty thoughtfulness- thanks pinterest).  
I know he had a great day.  I did too.  Happy Father's Day, Dave!

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