Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You Scream, I Scream

Have you heard?  I got an ice cream maker!  So this was prompted by these gorgeous ice cream bowls I got for Mother's Day.  They are just like my mother-in-laws, though a bit larger as everything is in this era, including our butts... oh, where was I going with that?  
Ok, so here is my first attempt at ice cream.  This is full-fat, simple chocolate.  It was yummy.  Though it is obviously my first attempt.  The ground up chocolate pieces didn't melt completely probably because I was afraid to burn the milk so I didn't get it hot enough (should have used the thermometer).  So there are little gritty pieces of chocolate in there.  Aside from the texture it was really delicious.   
Attempt #2 is freezing as we speak.  Moderately-fat vanilla.  I can already tell it's a little too vanilla-y but is quite yummy!  Attempt #3 will be Pink Grapefruit Sorbet this weekend if I can find some weird ingredient- Orgeat Syrup.  

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