Monday, May 21, 2012

Trip to the ZOO

On Sunday the three of us went to the zoo!  Nolan was excited and did a great job sleeping in the car for a mere 45 minutes for us to drive down and enjoy the day.  He was really excited to poke his head up and look at the Prairie Dogs.  
 Based on our last visit to the zoo that Dave didn't attend, he wondered if there were any live animals since all my photos were of Nolan and his pal Libby climbing on statues of animals.  So here is a tiger.  
 (Something you may not know about me, I always confuse lions and tigers.  When I see one I always have to think of the other one before I can determine if it's a tiger or lion.  Of course I know the difference but my mind doesn't come up with the right animal without thinking of the other one.  Same with the words prohibit and permit.  Ah, I digress).
 Here are the boys on the turtle statue.  Funny about this trip too is that Nolan is wearing the same shirt on this visit to the zoo as the other visit.  He looks a lot bigger but the shirt still fits.  How handsome are these two boys?  
 And we rode the carousel.  With every animal as an option Nolan passed up the lion and the white horse and chose to ride the peeno.  That will come as no surprise to most. 
 He did fine on the carousel but didn't seem to LOVE it. Maybe we're just out of practice.
 Just some climbing in the playground before we left.
 Oh, and the boy was interested but terrified of the peacocks.  Their call is quite loud and it scared Nolan a lot.  Now that he's talking more sometimes he's so darn cute.  Scared is a word he uses a lot.  Sometimes he's scared of things if we're outside but stands at the window watching intently for 15+ minutes- like the neighbor's lawn mower.  
All in all was a super trip.  

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