Saturday, May 12, 2012

Slacker Catch-All. Video plus photos

This week was a long one, sorry for the lack of posts. Here's some catch up stuff.  Friday Dave took the day off to see the circus with us.  We were pretty timid at the idea but bit the bullet.  We imagined Nolan not sitting in his chair, being completely disruptive and being so scared of everything that he wouldn't even go into the arena.  
It's funny because he's not a bad kid, but I think we tried to do so many things with him when he was a baby that just didn't work that we reject any idea of doing something, like going to the Big E.  Oh yeah, that idea wasn't a bad one but had some real serious problems like the 3 hour traffic jam for a 45 minute ride.  Ah, back to the circus.   
So we went to the circus.  Dave and I checked our egos and expectations at the door and with bated breath we walked in.    Talk about sensory overload.  The kid was completely stunned.  See above.  And this was before the circus even started, just watching the clowns warm up the audience and the people set up.  
We eventually got him to smile but couldn't get a good photo.  When the show started he was stunned.  He was amazed and interested and surprisingly sat still for a full hour.  We held his hands and he sat on Dave's lap but he was watching.  He was amazed.  He was interested.  Until intermission...

So while I wish we could just pretend intermission and what happened after didn't happen we can't.  Sadly it did happen.  All in all, Nolan did a really great job watching for the full first half.  But at 12:30 he was D-O-N-E done.  I'm really proud of him.  I can't believe a circus show is really 2.5 hours long.  We all desperately needed a nap by 1:30.  Desperately.  

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