Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Little Carpenter

I decided I was going to retile our patio table rather than buy a new one, how hard could it be?  Dave and I chiseled away most of the old tiles and then I bought all the supplies to retile it. 
When I got the tiles home I discovered just how difficult this is.  Often I'd look at the table and figure out how I'd use square tiles on a round table, then go and measure and realize I've gotten myself into a pickle and if i need to cut tiles I am going to bag the project.   
 Clearly I did this thinking with Nolan around, we're together all the time after all.  And he saw how perplexed I was at this project and offered to help.  
 He is an excellent measurer.  He can measure anything.  The totally fun part of this is I can totally remember carrying around one of my Dad's measuring tapes measuring stuff.  I can remember getting in trouble too, because I'd pulled it too far and it wouldn't retract.  Sorry Dad.  But if I looked this cute doing it, you had to have forgiven me quickly.  
I think he will be my little worker bee.  At least when it comes to using the tape measure and hammer.  He's great at using the hammer too!

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