Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Light at The End of this Tunnel? I hope so!

Nolan is a great kid.  He's two so he has some things to 'work on'.  i.e sharing, eating, not hitting, listening, following directions, keeping his diaper on, making a decision and sticking to it, etc.  The past few weeks have really been tough trying to get this kid to actually eat food.  Last week he even passed up a cupcake.  Seriously, who passes up a cupcake?  Though if a cracker, pretzel, cookie, crunchy bread was offered to him he'd jump on that.  So we've been really careful about what we offer him, making sure if he does eat a little bit of something it's at least a healthful food.
So please let me describe the scene today at lunch.  He opted for macaroni and cheese instead of peanut butter and jelly. (PB&J is what he's eaten for about 10 days straight.  Aside from yogurt and cheerios, it is also ALL he's really eaten minus any cupcakes that show up in our lives via parties.  Some have convinced me that PB&J is healthy.  I disagree but went with it).  This has been tough for me.  I've attempted some rather unorthodox methods to get him to eat ANYthing and he just would rather not eat.  So when he picked Mac-n-cheese I feared this would suddenly turn to a desperate screaming plea for PB&J.  (see above things to work on)  
So I start cooking the mac n cheese, change his diaper and give him a 'meatball' (ie. protein nugget) since he saw me eating one earlier and showed interest in it.  I put half the mac n cheese in the freezer to cool it off while he started eating the 'meatball'.  I almost passed out.  He's eating the meatball?  What?  Even Dave won't eat those things.  So I give him some mac n cheese and the kid mauls it down, even starts using his hand and eats BOTH bowls (an entire adult serving) of mac n cheese meanwhile I'm cutting up some watermelon.  So I give him some watermelon expecting him to throw a fit about it even being on his tray and he eats the whole slice, even some of the crunch rind (no surprise there actually).  
At this point in his lunch I'm doing my best to not break down and cry with relief and trying not to giggle with excitement.  I'm THRILLED he's actually eating food and that it's healthy (minus the mac n cheese, of course).  I give him another slice of watermelon and he EATS THAT TOO!  Oh please, universe, please let this be the end of this phase?  I'm sad to watch all the food he doesn't eat get thrown out (ok, mostly I eat it, but really, I don't need it).  At the end of this giant lunch, with the teeny bit of food left over I tell him I'm so proud of him for doing such a good job eating to which he replies 'cookie'.  I suppose the bribery that we've given up on stuck with him.  He got a single cookie after an excellent lunch eaten.  

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