Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Can You Please Play With Toys?

Nolan hasn't really ever been a great 'player of toys'.  He's getting better but generally he will play with anything that's not a toy before he goes for his toys or he'd rather climb over us, play peek a boo, etc.  While this might be regarded as 'cute' most days it involves me finding my hairbrush, toothpaste, and lotion after I get out of the shower because he has taken them out of the spot I keep them while I'm in the shower.  It also means I need to pick up any item that is left out, which I never really do, because he will pull it off of the bed, chair or chest and fling it.   And generally he's put on at least two pair of shoes and walked around in them leaving them where they do not belong or taken all not-being-used hangers from the (previously closed) closet and made a mess with them all over the room.
 The house is a mess but I am so tired of him touching my stuff.  And I hear my Dad's voice when I say this.  I finally get it, Dad.  I'm sorry I touched your stuff all the time.  I just wish Nolan would play with his toys that are neatly in a basket in our room rather than going into my gym bag and squirting out my face wash and shampoo and then being upset that he has it on his hands.  I wish when I pushed back the shower curtain that he would just be playing with his toys rather than smearing the lotion he found in my gym bag all over his face or eating it.  Not to mention the static of the clock radio is turned on, both touch lamps are turned on, sometimes the bookmarks have been removed from our books and often the cushion of the bench at the end of our bed is elsewhere, sometimes dragged into the bathroom.  All done in the (maybe) 5 minutes I was in the shower. 
 So while all of this can be rather frustrating and sometimes a mess, sometimes giving the kid a box is just the way to get him to leave everything else alone.  Yes, a box.  I tried to break these boxes down for recycling but here he is using it as a toy.  So for over a week these (and several other) boxes sat in our living room.  Sorry Dave.
 I know our house doesn't need to be neat and clean.  We have a toddler and that's part of life.  I just wish when I looked around at the end of the day the house was messy from toys, not random kitchen items, clothes and toiletries.  We've implemented a clean-up of toys routine which helps make the house not feel like a complete disaster zone but sometimes it's not the toys that make the house feel so messy.
Thank goodness he's so darn cute!  And that he won't be this age forever.  As for now I'm really working hard on getting him to only play with his toys and not everything else when I'm showering.  Oh, and check out his shirt.  This is the shirt that 'makes mommy happy' when he wears it.  

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