Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Chair

I got Nolan a Nolan-sized lawn chair yesterday.  So far he's moved it all over the house and front yard watching various things- the electrician working on the overhead wires, neighbor mowing, at the table.  This morning when he woke up the first thing he did was to find his chair and bring it into his room to read a book.
Still in PJs, he was anxious to get in his chair.  Clearly he's a fan!
 It's so cute when he swings his feet while sitting in it.  What's not cute is when he reaches over the side of it to pick up a stuffed animal and tipped completely over.  

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shout-Out to Phill

My dear friend Phill sent (from Australia) a gift right after Nolan was born.  It included two shirts.  Finally Nolan can fit into the larger of the two.  When Dave put this shirt on Nolan he said that it would 'make mommy happy'.  It did.  Also when he points to the kangaroo and says 'kangaroo'.  The other animal is a little tougher, he calls it a dino.  I call it an Emu.  I'm actually not sure what it is...
If you want to see the other shirt, here is a link to a post a few years ago featuring Phill's generosity.  Thanks Phill!  Hope to see you in a few months (when he comes to the states for a visit)!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was awesome.  It actually felt like a LONG weekend.  It was awesome.  On Friday we chilled in the yard watching Nolan drill the ball with his bat (see previous blog post).  On Saturday we got tons of stuff done.  On Sunday, AHHHH happened.  Dave and Nolan went on a day trip and left me home from 10am to 10pm.  And after a Saturday of getting so much stuff done Sunday was a day to sit and relax.  OH man, was it awesome.
The thing I was most amazed by was that the house was clean and straightened up in the morning and STAYED THAT WAY all day.  Amazing.   I was also thrilled with being able to eat dinner whenever I felt like it.  I hemmed and hawwed about if I'd order takeout (sushi) or make something.  I opted for the above.  Chicken, Garlic, Basil, Spinach White Pizza.  This was REALLY delicious.  Served with a bottle (yes) of prosecco and it ended a really super day of shooting the breeze with a girlfriend on the deck for an hour or so, reading in the hammock and just relaxing.
 The next day we had some friends over from brunch which was wonderful, the food was easy and the meal felt full.  It was so nice to catch up with friends.  I made pink grapefruit sorbet but the first batch didn't work out so well, I think the can wasn't cold enough but it just tasted like sweet frozen ice.  So Monday afternoon I blended it up with some rum to make a nice tropically drink.  YUM!
And check out these babies!  Just a lovely weekend!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Video Friday: Slugger

Yesterday Nolan was taking batting practice in the back yard when he drilled Dave and left a welt.  Here is the welt.  
So we laughed hysterically and I ran to get the camera to see if we can get video of Nolan drilling the ball off the tee.  Here it is.
Amazingly Nolan doesn't pay a whole lot of attention at T-Ball but he seems to be picking up something.  Last night he was on fire!  If you listen very closely you can hear Nolan tell Dave to 'Pay Attention'.  

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Randy Randoms

Here are some totally random photos!  Nolan playing with playdough.
A baby bird we found hopping around the yard.  The little dear didn't know how to fly.  Nolan was quite interested.  So was I!
 Nolan and I on Mother's Day.  We went out for a nice brunch, the three of us, and I got pampered and treated extra special that entire weekend.  I am so lucky.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Can You Please Play With Toys?

Nolan hasn't really ever been a great 'player of toys'.  He's getting better but generally he will play with anything that's not a toy before he goes for his toys or he'd rather climb over us, play peek a boo, etc.  While this might be regarded as 'cute' most days it involves me finding my hairbrush, toothpaste, and lotion after I get out of the shower because he has taken them out of the spot I keep them while I'm in the shower.  It also means I need to pick up any item that is left out, which I never really do, because he will pull it off of the bed, chair or chest and fling it.   And generally he's put on at least two pair of shoes and walked around in them leaving them where they do not belong or taken all not-being-used hangers from the (previously closed) closet and made a mess with them all over the room.
 The house is a mess but I am so tired of him touching my stuff.  And I hear my Dad's voice when I say this.  I finally get it, Dad.  I'm sorry I touched your stuff all the time.  I just wish Nolan would play with his toys that are neatly in a basket in our room rather than going into my gym bag and squirting out my face wash and shampoo and then being upset that he has it on his hands.  I wish when I pushed back the shower curtain that he would just be playing with his toys rather than smearing the lotion he found in my gym bag all over his face or eating it.  Not to mention the static of the clock radio is turned on, both touch lamps are turned on, sometimes the bookmarks have been removed from our books and often the cushion of the bench at the end of our bed is elsewhere, sometimes dragged into the bathroom.  All done in the (maybe) 5 minutes I was in the shower. 
 So while all of this can be rather frustrating and sometimes a mess, sometimes giving the kid a box is just the way to get him to leave everything else alone.  Yes, a box.  I tried to break these boxes down for recycling but here he is using it as a toy.  So for over a week these (and several other) boxes sat in our living room.  Sorry Dave.
 I know our house doesn't need to be neat and clean.  We have a toddler and that's part of life.  I just wish when I looked around at the end of the day the house was messy from toys, not random kitchen items, clothes and toiletries.  We've implemented a clean-up of toys routine which helps make the house not feel like a complete disaster zone but sometimes it's not the toys that make the house feel so messy.
Thank goodness he's so darn cute!  And that he won't be this age forever.  As for now I'm really working hard on getting him to only play with his toys and not everything else when I'm showering.  Oh, and check out his shirt.  This is the shirt that 'makes mommy happy' when he wears it.  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You Scream, I Scream

Have you heard?  I got an ice cream maker!  So this was prompted by these gorgeous ice cream bowls I got for Mother's Day.  They are just like my mother-in-laws, though a bit larger as everything is in this era, including our butts... oh, where was I going with that?  
Ok, so here is my first attempt at ice cream.  This is full-fat, simple chocolate.  It was yummy.  Though it is obviously my first attempt.  The ground up chocolate pieces didn't melt completely probably because I was afraid to burn the milk so I didn't get it hot enough (should have used the thermometer).  So there are little gritty pieces of chocolate in there.  Aside from the texture it was really delicious.   
Attempt #2 is freezing as we speak.  Moderately-fat vanilla.  I can already tell it's a little too vanilla-y but is quite yummy!  Attempt #3 will be Pink Grapefruit Sorbet this weekend if I can find some weird ingredient- Orgeat Syrup.  

Monday, May 21, 2012

Trip to the ZOO

On Sunday the three of us went to the zoo!  Nolan was excited and did a great job sleeping in the car for a mere 45 minutes for us to drive down and enjoy the day.  He was really excited to poke his head up and look at the Prairie Dogs.  
 Based on our last visit to the zoo that Dave didn't attend, he wondered if there were any live animals since all my photos were of Nolan and his pal Libby climbing on statues of animals.  So here is a tiger.  
 (Something you may not know about me, I always confuse lions and tigers.  When I see one I always have to think of the other one before I can determine if it's a tiger or lion.  Of course I know the difference but my mind doesn't come up with the right animal without thinking of the other one.  Same with the words prohibit and permit.  Ah, I digress).
 Here are the boys on the turtle statue.  Funny about this trip too is that Nolan is wearing the same shirt on this visit to the zoo as the other visit.  He looks a lot bigger but the shirt still fits.  How handsome are these two boys?  
 And we rode the carousel.  With every animal as an option Nolan passed up the lion and the white horse and chose to ride the peeno.  That will come as no surprise to most. 
 He did fine on the carousel but didn't seem to LOVE it. Maybe we're just out of practice.
 Just some climbing in the playground before we left.
 Oh, and the boy was interested but terrified of the peacocks.  Their call is quite loud and it scared Nolan a lot.  Now that he's talking more sometimes he's so darn cute.  Scared is a word he uses a lot.  Sometimes he's scared of things if we're outside but stands at the window watching intently for 15+ minutes- like the neighbor's lawn mower.  
All in all was a super trip.  

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Video Friday: Late, so it's a double dose!

Enjoy these two videos.  If you listen closely to the first one you hear Nolan say 'I made it' after he dunks the ball.  So funny, I haven't heard that one before.

And based on this one I think we might need to practice teaching foods a little better.  Sounds like he gets it after a few reminders.  
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cupcakes in the Park

A friend had some cupcakes at the playground.
Oh, what a nice way to spend the day. 
 Watching kids eat cupcakes is almost as much fun as watching dogs eat peanut butter.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Post-Bath Snuggles

Lately Nolan has been loving the post-bath snuggles.  He picks his towel (lion or doggy) and asks to be wrapped up and carried to his room.  Then he wants to be snuggled.  Dave LOVES these snuggles.  
 Nolan calls hugs 'huns'.
Often when Dave ends a hun Nolan asks for another one.  Dave is happy to oblige.  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Light at The End of this Tunnel? I hope so!

Nolan is a great kid.  He's two so he has some things to 'work on'.  i.e sharing, eating, not hitting, listening, following directions, keeping his diaper on, making a decision and sticking to it, etc.  The past few weeks have really been tough trying to get this kid to actually eat food.  Last week he even passed up a cupcake.  Seriously, who passes up a cupcake?  Though if a cracker, pretzel, cookie, crunchy bread was offered to him he'd jump on that.  So we've been really careful about what we offer him, making sure if he does eat a little bit of something it's at least a healthful food.
So please let me describe the scene today at lunch.  He opted for macaroni and cheese instead of peanut butter and jelly. (PB&J is what he's eaten for about 10 days straight.  Aside from yogurt and cheerios, it is also ALL he's really eaten minus any cupcakes that show up in our lives via parties.  Some have convinced me that PB&J is healthy.  I disagree but went with it).  This has been tough for me.  I've attempted some rather unorthodox methods to get him to eat ANYthing and he just would rather not eat.  So when he picked Mac-n-cheese I feared this would suddenly turn to a desperate screaming plea for PB&J.  (see above things to work on)  
So I start cooking the mac n cheese, change his diaper and give him a 'meatball' (ie. protein nugget) since he saw me eating one earlier and showed interest in it.  I put half the mac n cheese in the freezer to cool it off while he started eating the 'meatball'.  I almost passed out.  He's eating the meatball?  What?  Even Dave won't eat those things.  So I give him some mac n cheese and the kid mauls it down, even starts using his hand and eats BOTH bowls (an entire adult serving) of mac n cheese meanwhile I'm cutting up some watermelon.  So I give him some watermelon expecting him to throw a fit about it even being on his tray and he eats the whole slice, even some of the crunch rind (no surprise there actually).  
At this point in his lunch I'm doing my best to not break down and cry with relief and trying not to giggle with excitement.  I'm THRILLED he's actually eating food and that it's healthy (minus the mac n cheese, of course).  I give him another slice of watermelon and he EATS THAT TOO!  Oh please, universe, please let this be the end of this phase?  I'm sad to watch all the food he doesn't eat get thrown out (ok, mostly I eat it, but really, I don't need it).  At the end of this giant lunch, with the teeny bit of food left over I tell him I'm so proud of him for doing such a good job eating to which he replies 'cookie'.  I suppose the bribery that we've given up on stuck with him.  He got a single cookie after an excellent lunch eaten.  

Monday, May 14, 2012

Guess Who Got a Haircut?

Seriously, this kid looks SO different now.
Gone are the crazy curls. 
 And the muff top hair-do.
And the baby-ish look.  He looks like such a big boy- except when he's laying on the floor avoiding the camera.  Then he looks like a two year old...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Slacker Catch-All. Video plus photos

This week was a long one, sorry for the lack of posts. Here's some catch up stuff.  Friday Dave took the day off to see the circus with us.  We were pretty timid at the idea but bit the bullet.  We imagined Nolan not sitting in his chair, being completely disruptive and being so scared of everything that he wouldn't even go into the arena.  
It's funny because he's not a bad kid, but I think we tried to do so many things with him when he was a baby that just didn't work that we reject any idea of doing something, like going to the Big E.  Oh yeah, that idea wasn't a bad one but had some real serious problems like the 3 hour traffic jam for a 45 minute ride.  Ah, back to the circus.   
So we went to the circus.  Dave and I checked our egos and expectations at the door and with bated breath we walked in.    Talk about sensory overload.  The kid was completely stunned.  See above.  And this was before the circus even started, just watching the clowns warm up the audience and the people set up.  
We eventually got him to smile but couldn't get a good photo.  When the show started he was stunned.  He was amazed and interested and surprisingly sat still for a full hour.  We held his hands and he sat on Dave's lap but he was watching.  He was amazed.  He was interested.  Until intermission...

So while I wish we could just pretend intermission and what happened after didn't happen we can't.  Sadly it did happen.  All in all, Nolan did a really great job watching for the full first half.  But at 12:30 he was D-O-N-E done.  I'm really proud of him.  I can't believe a circus show is really 2.5 hours long.  We all desperately needed a nap by 1:30.  Desperately.  

Monday, May 7, 2012

How do they do it?

I really love those photos of kids posing in trees.  For some reason it looks as though you got a great shot in while they were actually playing even if they are dressed in fancy clothes.
So a few days ago when Nolan seemed obsessed with peeling the poor bark off of this lovely tree I attempted to 'capture' him playing.  
 I don't claim to be a photographer but sometimes I think I am.  Clearly I'm not.
 Anyway, here are the outtakes.  What a kid, still working on that poor tree.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Video Friday: Songs


Nolan has been doing some sweet singing lately.  Sometimes it's the A, B, Cs and sometimes it's songs from his little classes we attend.  It's so fun to hear him singing or acting out the songs.  It's even more fun to come upon him in mid-song.  So enjoy his version of the ABCs.  He skips over the middle part but seems to have the 'now I know my ABCs' part down pat.  


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Little Carpenter

I decided I was going to retile our patio table rather than buy a new one, how hard could it be?  Dave and I chiseled away most of the old tiles and then I bought all the supplies to retile it. 
When I got the tiles home I discovered just how difficult this is.  Often I'd look at the table and figure out how I'd use square tiles on a round table, then go and measure and realize I've gotten myself into a pickle and if i need to cut tiles I am going to bag the project.   
 Clearly I did this thinking with Nolan around, we're together all the time after all.  And he saw how perplexed I was at this project and offered to help.  
 He is an excellent measurer.  He can measure anything.  The totally fun part of this is I can totally remember carrying around one of my Dad's measuring tapes measuring stuff.  I can remember getting in trouble too, because I'd pulled it too far and it wouldn't retract.  Sorry Dad.  But if I looked this cute doing it, you had to have forgiven me quickly.  
I think he will be my little worker bee.  At least when it comes to using the tape measure and hammer.  He's great at using the hammer too!