Thursday, April 5, 2012

Video Friday: A Helping Hand


Oh wait, it's only wednesday.  Um, is it Thursday?  Yeah, it's been that kind of week.  The chaos has begun and I was feeling guilty for not getting a video up on Friday when it's only Thursday.  Well, here it is.  So Nolan and I are running solo again, it's THAT time when Dave works late hours and weekends (hence me not knowing when the weekend is coming since I don't get a weekend).  Ahhh, I don't love this time but tomorrow my mother in law is coming to spend the day with us which is why it feels like the weekend- help!  Thank goodness.  It's hard and getting harder as Nolan continues to have strong opinions.

Like this one: yesterday we went to the toy store to buy a present for a friend's birthday (is this a rookie mom mistake?).  We talked about what we thought Roge might like and went to the store to pick out a dinosaur set for him and one for Nolan (it's only fair, after all).  Then we went to the bike helmet area since he's been riding the scooter and we decided he should probably be wearing one.  We found one that would work and tried it on.  Then I saw one that is more appropriately his size.  But he wouldn't take off the helmet he had on.  Absolutely refused.  When I finally did get it off of him, making a scene, I tried to get the smaller one on.  Screaming (him) coupled with laughing (me) can make quite a scene in the bike area.  I decided to lose that battle and let him wear his new, slightly too big, bike helmet with pirates and skulls.  He wore it the rest of the time in the store and in the car on the way home.  Yes, in the car.  Happy as a clam until he saw we were driving on our road.  He wanted to go to his friend's house, the one who we bought the present for.  Once parked in our driveway, I somehow got the helmet off him but he kicked, screamed, scratched and hit trying to stay in the car seat screaming through tears "Roge's House".  I told him we couldn't go to Roge's house which just made him scream and cry more.  I finally got him out and placed him on the driveway and attempted to walk away (ignore, right?) until he sprinted toward the grass.  Then he sat down in the grass screaming in the front yard.  I mean full-fledged meltdown.  I ended up grabbing the phone and calling Roge and after a brief conversation with his 2-year-old friend and a verse of Happy Birthday to Roge, Nolan decided he was over the meltdown.  Sigh.

So back to the video: in an effort to eat meals together I discovered that if I get Nolan to help me make dinner he tolerates me in the kitchen.  So here he is making Naan.  This is his version of kneading dough.  Works for me.  Today we made Potato Leek Cakes and scrambled eggs- Nolan did a great job with cleaning the leeks and soaking the shredded potato.  I will rethink asking him to help crack the eggs which he did with one hand- tap tap crush.  Not quite like the pros, but a one handed egg crack is a little impressive, no?  Eh, whatever, a little eggshell never hurt anyone, did it?

The other hard part is now Nolan is asking for Daddy at bedtime or around dinnertime.  This really breaks my heart.  Some nights we pretend give him a goodnight hug and Nolan hugs himself.  So sweet.  So bring on the reinforcements!

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