Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T-Ball with a bonus Video

Last week Nolan went to his first T-ball class/practice.  He was so excited for T-Ball, clearly.

Then he started doing this.  Perhaps he'll be an outfielder.  Seems to me that the outfielders in little league do all the silly glove stuff.

 After T-ball class Dave informed me that they were actually giving instructions to the children (the class is for 2-3 year old kids).  And one of those instructions drives Grampa/GaGa crazy.  Perhaps Nolan will need personal T-ball lessons from GaGa this summer to undo the errors of unknowing 'coaches'.
Personally, the funniest part of this for me is that they are giving actual instructions.  Not just 'hit the ball off the tee and run to this pillow in the dirt'.  I am anxious to go and watch one week.  From a spectator point of view this sounds really hilarious and so stinking cute!

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