Saturday, April 21, 2012

See Butterflies

On Thursday, my friend and I took our two toddlers to Magic Wings, a butterfly conservatory.  For days Nolan was talking about 'See Butterflies with Roge'. 
I was pretty excited too.  Butterflies are so pretty and I was excited that he seemed interested in this trip.  Side note: trips with Nolan generally means it's going to be a really rough day, with a short/no nap and messing up his schedule. After every day trip I question my sanity.  But if there is anyone to do this with, Christina and Roge were the people.  Nolan is a big fan of his buddy Roge and his mom can have fun doing anything.  So after arranging car seats and deciding who was driving, off we went on a little adventure. 
 We got there early and spent the first 45 minutes walking around the greenhouses without much of a crowd, which was really awesome.  There were so many butterflies!  And turtles and lizards but tons of beautiful butterflies.  There was a spot where you could sit and butterflies would flutter around.  This giant blue and brown butterfly landed on Nolan's head.  Seriously, it doesn't even look real!  
 The boys had fun chasing the little birds that we called chickens that ran throughout the conservatory.  They had fun eating lunch together and screaming together.  They had fun.  A lot of fun.  Even holding hands for a while which really just melts your heart.
After so much excitement of seeing the butterflies, both boys fell asleep in the car on the way home- what a surprise since I didn't expect Nolan to nap at all with the excitement of being in someone else's car and his pal in the seat next to him.  Both boys (and moms) had a great time.  

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