Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One Cool Dude

So Nolan has been very interested in my sunglasses lately.  If i get in the car and don't put them on he reminds me.  At the store he saw a display of kid sunglasses and made a fair argument to get a pair (read: whined).  So here they are.  He loves them.  
And seriously, he looks like one cool dude when he has them on and makes his I'm-wearing-sunglasses face. 
 That coupled with this bad-ass hoodie with spiders and spider webs all over it, he really looks like a cool dude.  However... his affinity toward this tiny little chicken that he found in an Easter egg hunt softens that tough exterior.  Yeah, can you see it in his hand?  It's that tiny.
 Here it is.  A few days ago we were outside watching the guys cut down some trees in our yard and Nolan kept saying what I thought was 'Sit Inside'.  I was kinda bummed, I wanted to sit outside but this kid has an opinion and whatever.  So we open the door and he takes this tiny chick out of his pocket and places it on the floor and then heads back outdoors.  OH!  He was saying 'chick inside'.  How silly of me.  

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