Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I've been working on a project of chiseling off the tiles from our outdoor table that fell apart.  After all is chiseled off I plan on attempting to re-tile the table.  
This is not a job to do with Nolan around and as Dave learned when he did some chiseling (well, most of it really) was that protective eye wear is required.   And those tiles that go flying off end up on the deck.  The weather has been so unseasonably warm we've used the deck a lot.  And whenever Nolan gets a free moment he finds chiseled off tiles and slides them between the deck boards.  He does such a great job of cleaning up, I appreciate my little helper.
The funny part is, with all the toys available to him he prefers the beat-up broom we have outdoors to brush away the bird nests that are being built in our awning and these broken discarded tiles...  

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