Monday, April 9, 2012

Egg Hunt

Nolan is a good hunter.  He can spot pastel colored eggs 'hidden' in grass.  He will immediately find an egg and open it to see the treasure inside.
He just plops right down and demands for it to be opened.  We had several Easter egg hunts at his various activities and every one he wanted immediate gratification for finding the egg.  And nearly every single egg included something that was wildly inappropriate for a 2 year old- like taffy.  What's up with putting taffy in Easter eggs?  It's like giving a 2 year old a lollipop.   
 So when the Easter Bunny came to our house and brought eggs filled with pretzel M&Ms, this kid was in hog heaven.  He demanded them to be opened immediately and when we didn't he figured out how to open them, then he'd dive to the floor to get to the M&Ms before we could and somehow shove them into his mouth while we blinked our eyes.  Amazing.
Needless to say, he really loves the Easter bunny.  

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