Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another First: Nolan's first rainbow

When I ran out to my car last night in the strange sunny/rainy weather we were having I happened upon this.
Can I please just say how much more beautiful rainbows are in real life versus photos?  Seriously, photos don't do it justice.  But it was this huge, full arch that, in places, showed a double rainbow- two bands of color right next to each other.
I ran inside to get the camera and to get Dave and Nolan to see this gorgeous thing.  Nolan was intrigued.   It was cool.
 Then I noticed there was a faint band of color to one side of the rainbow so I got my shades- polarized sun glasses make rainbows a tad brighter.  Sure enough, there was a THIRD rainbow outside of the double rainbow arch.  Seriously, it was gorgeous.  And then Nolan wanted to wear my glasses...  That's his 'I'm wearing sunglasses face'.  Funny, isn't it?

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