Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today is the Day

Today is the day, that fateful day, when Nolan climbed out of his crib.  I will openly say this new ability has been my biggest fear for months.  Potty Training, I can handle.  Moving to a sippy cup/milk at age one, I handled with fear but NOTHING like this.  This is scary.  I am in a panic.  I dreaded this day.
So, first things first, we need to figure out how to close Nolan's door.  It doesn't shut, the hinges or the hardware isn't lined up properly so when you try to shut it it gets stuck before it latches.  What this means is you just need to push or pull the door to to open it- SCARY.  We talked about getting a lock for the outside of his bedroom and while this idea isn't completely off the table, we didn't move on that today.  Instead I tried to figure out why it isn't shutting.  I discovered that the hole that should accept the latch wasn't deep enough.  So my assistant and I worked on chiseling out the hole.  Nolan was an excellent helper but he was very very upset he couldn't use my hammer. 
 Next I turned the crib around so the higher part is facing outward.  That still leaves the short sides exposed if that's the way he crawls out.  I have no idea- another reason I WISH i registered for the video monitor rather than the sound one.  If I could change anything about our baby stuff, that would be first on the list.  If I had a video monitor I could see if he's truly upset about something or just complaining while whining in his crib.  Ah, regrets...
I also got a child safety device for the inside door handle.  Call it what you will, I don't want him wandering around in the kitchen, playing with knives or what have you, while we're sleeping on a separate floor above him oblivious.  And I had a stern talk with him about the importance of staying in his bed and waiting for Mommy or Daddy to get him out. 

What else, friends?  What else should I do?  


  1. I have to say that, for some reason, my kids have been so well conditioned by sleeping in cribs for as long as I could humanely justify it, that even when I moved them to proper beds, they would still, for months afterwards, wake up in the morning and call for us, rather than actually getting out of bed on their own! (Of course it remains to be seen whether Ruby turns out to be the exception to this rule). Nolan is clearly a different sort.... but I guess my advice would be - relax! It has to happen sooner or later, and I doubt he's actually going to spend the dark hours cruising the house in search of ways to do himself harm (more likely you're just going to get a visitor to your room, in which case the drill is just keep taking him back to his own, no discussion, no negotiation). Or else get a baby monitor with a movement sensor? Aah, every new stage with its new challenges - such fun! :-)

  2. Gay- ah, well, since we are on a different floor from Nolan and there are not one but TWO gates intercepting his room from ours it would REALLY suck if he got to our room/bed. Instead I imagine him crawling up on the wine cupboard, spilling sweet juice everywhere, finding knives and other dangerous devices and touching all the items we don't allow him to touch- like our wedding album (mental note: move wedding album) while he's wandering freely. Darn it, I just wasn't mentally prepared for this. At the very least, we managed to get the door latched to his room (no lock needed... yet).