Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sometimes Parents Just Don't Get It

For MONTHS YEARS Nolan has been looking at this photo of Napa grapes, which is over our dining room table, and making elephant sounds at it.  Dave and I just shrug and say 'Nolan, those are grapes, not elephants' and move on wondering what in the world he is talking about.  I mean, seriously, do you see an elephant in this picture?

Then this week or last week Dave and I FINALLY saw what he sees.  An elephant.  Huh, sometimes parents just don't get it.  What a creative little bird we have on our hands.  

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  1. That is AWESOME. Don't remember if they do it in the US, but here when the kids go for checkups at the doc's they get one of those spotty pictures where you have to find the 3D images as a kind of basic vision test. I can NEVER see the images, but the kids go "oh yeah, there's a car and a man and a tree and...." Nolan's elephant reminds me of that - well done, Eagle Eyes!