Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Let The Birthdays Begin!

Today began the first of many happy birthday celebrations for this little guy. The whole class sang Happy Birthday to Nolan.  I'm pretty sure he didn't realize it was FOR him but he loved it regardless.
I LOVE to celebrate birthdays.  When it's my birthday I milk it all week.  It's my birthday week and I expect to be treated especially nicely that whole week.  This week for Nolan is no exception.  Gramma is in town visiting which is such a treat for him.  And then the birthday song which is fun.  On Friday the family is heading down to the aquarium, which is what we did last year and I think Dave and I are as excited for this as Nolan is.  Saturday is his party when he will 'eat cake' and 'blow candles'. 
Turning Two is exciting.  I love that he's getting excited about his birthday.  I certainly am.

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  1. Happy Birthday Nolan! Hope you all have a wonderful week of celebrations.