Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting Things Done

This weekend we got lots of work done.  All of those things not-fun things that need to be done.  Our basement has gotten out of control with clutter on the non-finished side so I reorganized, decided some things needed to be donated, vacuumed and put some shelving units in.  
Then I went to the garden center and got a load of dirt, poop, fertilizer and a few plants - can you believe it? I'm going to put plants in?!!!  For the past few years we've only been pulling plants out.  So exciting to pick which I liked and where they should go.  I feel really on-top of the garden this year.  Unfortunately I already got my first taste of poison ivy.  great!  And I will need to go protect the new plants today because while the weather hasn't really felt like March, it is March and is supposed to be cold tonight.  (maybe I'll pull those towels out of 'to be donated' and use them as blankies for the plants.  
 And we put this fella to work.  He didn't love working but he sure loves to sweep.  Anything is helpful.  :)  

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