Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Birthday Re-Cap #2

Another thing that go along with being the big OH-TWO is sitting forward facing in the car seat.  This is really exciting for both Nolan and me.  I can't believe how big he looks now that I can turn around and see him.  Actually I think he looks so small and vulnerable facing forward but such is life.  This kid really enjoys facing forward and I also think he enjoys not losing feeling in his feet because his legs were so long they were as high as the headrest when he was facing forward.
Something else we did last year and will do every year is measure him on the wall in our basement.  Check out the growth on this kid.  Near his ear is where he measured last year.  Official measurements from the doctor will come tomorrow but we measured him to be 36 inches, a 5.5 inch growth from 12 months ago. 
 And then, of course, the happy birthday song, blowing out candles and eating cake.  This was just a giant (FREE) cupcake from Whole Foods.  Thanks Whole Foods.  This was absolutely gorgeous and huge but didn't taste that great.  But thanks anyway.  It was fun to watch Nolan try to eat it.
Ah, and the presents.  This was cool to watch.  He started with the largest present, unwrapped it and then demanded he play with the toy.  He played for about 15 minutes with each new toy before he moved onto the next largest wrapped present.  Smart kid.  Very fun. 

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  1. It's probably not true, but doubling your child's height at 2 years is supposed to give you an approximation of his adult height (by which measure, unless Ruby turns out to have a random short gene, I will be the short-arse of the family by the time they're all grown up)