Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday Re-Cap #1

On Nolan's birthday we went to Mystic to see the fish again.  We did it last year and he seemed to have a super duper blast.  This year he was much more interactive and running from place to place.  He seemed to REALLY love the whales.  Then he ran into the aquarium and found the shark touch tank.  None of the sharks came anywhere near him- I think they were afraid of Nolan.
 So we ran from place to place, most of the time I wondered if he even saw the fish.  Then we got to the big shark tank.  He watched this for a few minutes.  Maybe the bigger the fish, the more attention they get?  He was also very interested in the sea horses and spent much of the day saying 'Sea Horse' with a long pause in between those two words.
 We also enjoyed the Sea Lion show, when he wasn't saying "sea horse" he was saying "sea lion".  I was impressed by him sitting watching the show.  He did a great job and clapped at the right times too!
 Then we found the penguins.  Nolan loves his toy penguin we got him last year on his birthday trip to Mystic.  These guys certainly kept his attention too.  They were a lot more active than last time and it was fun to see them swimming around instead of just standing on the rocks.
I can't believe this guy is TWO.  Wow.  It was a very exciting week for him.  And for us!

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