Friday, March 2, 2012

Big Scary Day in Our House

Mr Nolan has moved into a toddler bed.  This was much earlier than I hoped- I was hoping for when he turned 6.  Or at least 3.  Seriously, I was hoping he'd be in the crib until he was 3.   So yesterday when he climbed out of bed we realized the dreaded date is much earlier than age 3.  Sadly this morning he was up and out of his crib only 15 minutes after I heard the first peep out of him.  It's weird to go into his room and have him standing there.  I knew he was out of bed because he was knocking on the door.  Thank goodness we fixed it so it shuts all the way now.  Unfortunately the stern talk we had with him about not getting out of bed until Mom or Dad comes to get him didn't 'take'.
So here he is.  And here's his new bed.  He already loves to climb on it, lay on it, and is pretty proud of himself that he's now in a big boy bed.  I fear the next several days of No Nap Nolan.  I guess I'll give him an hour or so of 'trying' to nap before I get him. 
So here he is making sure he can do all the things he normally does- like tuck himself into the covers and pretend to sleep- notice he almost fell out of it while attempting this?  Awesome.  We did a few practice takes of him going to sleep.  Then me coming in and saying the magic words that he's allowed to get out of his bed.  I just don't think he remembers/cares very much about this rule.  This guy is growing up fast.  Lots of changes for him.  Next week he'll be allowed to ride in his car seat facing forward, too!  Lots of changes.  I hope he's more flexible than I am!

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  1. By the way, while I'm leaving comments all over your blog.... one nifty device we got in the USA that has been a real help in training our kids to stay in their rooms during naptimes, early mornings etc. is the TotClock (available on amazon for a small fortune). It changes colour for waking and sleeping (also different colours for naptime, time-out and reward time), and the kids learned really quickly that they could only get out their rooms when the clock was yellow. It also has wakeup-music and go-to-sleep music, so it functions as a not-so-shrill alarm for Angelica now that she has to get up in time for school. We liked the Totclocks so much I even bought transformers so we could use them on European power :-)