Monday, February 27, 2012

Wow! The weekend is over?

Sorry for the repeat photos.  I need to take some more.  This weekend FLEW by.  Saturday I was busy all day and had a well deserved afternoon/night out.  I was gone for 11 hours and man it was lovely.  Then yesterday we celebrated Nolan's cousin's first birthday!
 Soon it will be Nolan's birthday and we've been talking it up. I'm so excited for the birthday, actually.  It feels like he's been 'almost two' for about a year now.  Somehow saying 23 months feels silly, when people ask his age.  It was also quite interesting to see Nolan interacting with other children, ages 3 - 6 and how he looks next to some of these kids.  He's a big kid.  
What a super weekend we have.  I look forward to this week of busy but hanging home activities in order to get ready for BeeBa to come visit next week!  Yippee!

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