Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Treats

Valentine's Day with an almost 2-year-old kinda sucks.  Nolan needs to bring in paper valentines for all of his little classmates (which turns out to be about 40) and write his name on the backs of each.  Ummm... average 2 year olds can't write...  Then we get to bring them home to be thrown all over the house only to end up in the trash at naptime.  Don't even get me started on the lollipops, stickers and temporary tattoos they all come with now.  SO I decided to treat myself to a nice Valentine's Day treat.  

I saw these last year on a children's cooking website.  Here's the recipe.  They are home-made Raspberry Pop Tarts or Raspberry Cream Cheese Hearts.  They were amazingly simple though the recipe had some details missing, here is my step by step.  Cut out (store bought) pie crust with a cookie cutter.  Fill with super easy to make filling.  
 Seal edges and crimp (oh how I love to crimp) and bake.  This below was my second attempt with peanut butter and jelly since Dave doesn't like cream cheese.  Turns out anything with pink frosting tastes good but I've gotten ahead of myself.  
 Here they are baked.  What the recipe doesn't really say is that you should let them cool a tad before applying the icing.  Otherwise it will run all over the treat making your gorgeous creation appear messy.
 This is my attempt at showing you what the inside looks like.  They tasted delicious and I preferred it cool, not warm.  But then again I prefer real pop tarts cold unless we're talking about the brown sugar/cinnamon filled.  Those need to be warm.
 Clearly I learned a bit on the second batch, funny how recipes can be like that.  Sometimes they are too detailed, other times they are learn-as-you-go.  
 AND, the frosting is pink from raspberry juice, not food coloring.  LOVE that.  With the left over pie crust I made cinnamon twists.  They were scrumptious too.  What a nice treat.
Happy Early Valentine's Day.  I hope you have a lovely breakfast tomorrow.  I know what I'm having with a hot cup of coffee!

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