Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vacation Planning

It seems crazy to think about the summer but Dave and I are planning out our summer vacation(s) and it is unreal to think about this.  This year Nolan will be really into a lot of stuff and I think he'll have a blast wherever we go.  We're planning a trip to an area we've never been before and also a trip to where we are very familiar.  Both are so exciting to me. 
 It's crazy to think about where we will be in 6 months.  Will Nolan be sleeping in a bed?  Will Nolan be potty trained?  One trip we are considering is to Sesame Place and I think he'll really love that.  We're also planning a trip to a circus, though we wonder if he'll sit in a chair and watch it or if we'll regret the decision to go.
One of the things about parenting that is hard to remember is that kids are always changing.  Nolan was a 'difficult' infant.  And truth be told he is an easy toddler but we forget that sometimes.  Because he didn't sit still or sleep well in non-crib places when he was a baby we break out into a cold sweat when we consider doing things out of his element.  But he's great.  He's a great sleeper, he's well behaved, he's curious but not brave.  We are so excited about this chapter in his life.  And we are excited about this new chapter in our lives where we test his limits, we do things even if we're scared of how it 'goes'.  He continues to amaze and surprise us.  

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