Thursday, February 2, 2012

Morning with a Friend

This morning I babysat for a friend.  Nolan really enjoys spending time with Molly.  She is so calm and peaceful, even her movements are gentle.  It has a really lovely effect on Nolan.  So this morning they had breakfast together, notice the coffee pot.
 They were two little peas in a pod today.  They decided together that they wanted to play down stairs.  How could you resist toddlers holding hands?
 And in support of her friend, Molly joined Nolan whenever he was sentenced to a time out.
 I think my favorite time was when they spent 30-45 minutes playing together with this card board box.  They pushed it around the room, climbed in and out of it, they pulled the tape off of the edges and then Molly found Nolan's ticklish spot- under his chin.  That was hysterical to watch while I was peering around the corner hoping to not disturb them.
 Suddenly they realized they were EXHAUSTED and needed to take a break.
 At one point I was on the phone and when I got off I couldn't find the two of them.  I found them in bed together!  Seriously, how cute is this?  
It is always such a pleasure spending time with Molly.  Nolan had a super time with his pal.  They played well, did a decent job sharing and really had a super visit together.  What a really wonderful morning.

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  1. This is so sweet! I am so happy to see a glimpse of Molly, too. If only my boys had such calming influences. The friends in Ireland we have all have older boys, so you can guess how that goes!