Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Pretending

This pretending stuff is fun!  I am not sure why Nolan has taken a special liking to monkey, perhaps it's because he's a puppet.  Or that dave and I both had very special monkeys as stuffed friends when we were grown ups (what I will go and find if I'm having an especially hard time and need to lay in bed hugging something other than my husband.)  But Monkey is Nolan's little pal.  
 So here is Nolan reading Monkey a story.  What you can't see is that Monkey also has a diaper and pajamas on.  Yes, a puppet, something with no lower half, has a diaper wrapped around him and then footed pjs on.  Nolan insisted.  Of course he offered Monkey the outdated Halloween PJs that are snug and not fuzzy.  Not of his favorites but still.
 Yesterday we had to put on and take off the pjs, take the diaper off.  Nolan even wanted Monkey to sit on the potty we have out, we did not let that happen.  We put Monkey (in his diaper and pjs) in the guest bed under the blanekts, on the floor wrapped in a blanket and in the crib.  This last one is challenging because Nolan can't get Monkey out of the crib on his own.  Ah, what fun.  

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