Monday, February 20, 2012

It's THAT time again

It's funny but I didn't ever really love St Paddy's Day when I was little.  I didn't like wearing the color green and just didn't quite understand it.  When I was in college St Paddy's was fun for drinking a lot and having a reason to, sort of like New Years Eve.  As a grown up I began to really love St Patrick's Day and I'm not quite sure why.  Dave and I have had some super parties (which one resulted in us overbuying so much beer we decided to buy a beer fridge rather than try to find a place to put all the excess beer and another introducing Car Bombs to some dear friends who have funny stories about doing Car Bombs on a random night after work... but I digress.)  
 We have also had a LOT of fun at the St. Patrick's Day parade.  We went last year, though not as inebriated as we previously were and had a super time.  Perhaps it's because it marks the end of the dreaded Valentine's Day or perhaps because it symbolizes spring (sort of, you know with all that green) I LOVE February 15th and the St Patrick's Day season.  When Valentine's is over and make way for St. Patrick.
 This year we can't make the closest St. Paddy's Parade.  We'll be celebrating a small little leprechaun's second birthday that day, but we'll look for another parade to go to.  

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