Monday, January 16, 2012

A Well Deserved Break

We ALL took a break this weekend.  A break from the world, it seemed.  We stayed in, licked our wounds and healed.  And while we all don't feel or look 100%- in fact none of us do, we feel MUCH better than we did on Friday.  
 Oh, did I forget to mention this week that Nolan got rug burn on his nose?  Well, you see, it was minor compared to everything else.  It was the first time after my neck/back injury I picked Nolan up voluntarily and it was only because people were watching.  But, I digress... 
 So we took a nice break.  We layed on the couch, we watched some football and some Chuggington, we went to bed early (some of us on the couch) and we hung in our co-co (comfy-cozy) pants.  Nolan took a marathon nap, I made Carrot Ginger soup with homemade chicken stock.
It was what we needed to help us all feel better.  We're on the mend.  We're hanging in there.  It was such a nice weekend.

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