Friday, January 13, 2012

Video Friday: Icing on the Cake

So you read my whaaah from yesterday. I feel mentally in a better place today if you were wondering... but I'm sure no one really reads this blog to read about me.  So let's chat about dear sweet Nolan.  Nolan woke up today in fine spirits but sounds like a 2-pack-a-day-smoker after climbing 10 flights of stairs.  The kid is raspy.  But when he coughed I knew he was not 'fine'.  So we watched some tv this morning (twist my arm) and headed to the doctor- croup.  Great.  So we'll be taking it easy today.
(please enjoy this video I took a few weeks ago- where do you think he learned to get the truck un-stuck with his foot?  Sometimes he is just hilarious)

Apparently this is how Nolan 'takes it easy' by keeping his running around like a maniac to only one room.  Clearly he seems fine but if your volume is up you can hear him breathing in the later part of the video.  I think he likes that sound and is trying to get his throat to make that sound.  I don't love it.

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