Friday, January 27, 2012

Video Friday: Diaper Change

Today was a really amazing day.  I am not sure why I find today to be so remarkable but Nolan was playing the Elmo game on the computer.  Then he said something that sounded like Zoey.  I asked what he said and he said it again, clear as day: Zoey.  Then he pointed to a small image of Zoey from Seasame Street!  How he knows who Zoey is, I do not know.  I suppose a few of his books have Zoey in them but we don't watch Seasame Street.  (He gets bored when it's anything other than Elmo and then starts asking, then begging, then whining for Elmo.  It wears a woman down.  Then I fast forward through the show looking for Elmo, thus never seeing Zoey).  So THEN, after I could have been blown over with a small gust of wind he pointed to the blue furry monster and said somewhat clearly: Grover.  Seriously?  It's amazing and so FUN to hear him start to talk more.

AND this week he started to pretend things on the pages of his books were real.  He was pretending to pick up the baby chicks and hand them to us.  He pretended the pizza was real and took it off the page and pretended to eat it.  He pretended the frog jumped off of the page and that he could pick up all the flowers in a book.  This is a really interesting and quite fun stage.  I don't know if it's typical but it's kinda cool that his imagination is working.  

Enjoy this video of Nolan trying to change himself.  What a silly goose.

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