Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today Nolan had his first day of 'school'.  He talked about going to 'school' all morning.  I think he expected to ride the school bus but he didn't.  It's really a little class that involves a snack and a craft.  Aside from finger painting (once), playdoh and crayons, he's never done a craft.  And he sure loves that craft.
 At first I thought to just let him put the pieces on wherever he wanted but after I observed all other kids' crafts being done by their parents, I realized I was supposed to basically do the craft for Nolan.  He helped by smearing glue on the pieces and drawing the mouth.  He also helped with the first (blue) button and one eye (I placed the other one so it looked normal).  At any rate, HE LOVED IT.  He was worried we'd forget the snowman at class.  Then when we got it to the car he was upset he couldn't hold it on the way home (it has staples, otherwise that would have been fine with me).  When we got home he carried it into the house.
So I took his picture.  He looks very proud in this photo above.  Then, I kid you not, he put snowman down and gave snowman the hammer to play with.  Yes, Nolan gave up the well-loved hammer to the snowman.  We then brought the snowman downstairs to play and occasionally Nolan would peer around a toy to make sure snowman was still there.  I guess the kid likes crafts. Or snowmen.

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