Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Resolutions Check-in

So I made some resolutions this year that I have been taking quite seriously.  It's almost like I needed something to aim toward.  It's been a fun month working on my self.  Here's my update:

Use my ME time more wiselyI've decided to stop trying to make the book club meetings of a Mommy club I belong to.  The meetings are never at a great time (Sunday nights at 8pm) and I am not always excited about the books they pick. Frankly I'm not always excited about the attendees as well.  So it's ok to not participate even though I like to read.  I've also decided that I will not be renewing my membership with another club I belong to because I feel like an impostor, just using it for daycare and grown-up time, not for the content of the meetings.  I have also begun seeing a chiropractor for my neck which feels appropriate to me.  I'm skeptical of them but also feel stumped as to how I can start to feel better and less achy.  This should, overall, improve my well-being if I'm not in pain or achy each day.

Be a better recycler Dave and I have both improved on this front.  We've begun keeping a bag for recycling upstairs rather than downstairs.  At one point the recycling bin was outside, dumped in transit to the car and forgotten outside.  Last year I would have just thrown the recycling into the garbage can because of ease or laziness.  But instead I piled the recycling up and added it to the big can when I retrieved the indoor recycling bin.  
Drink more tea. While I haven't been super about replacing the booze with tea, I have been better about treating myself to an afternoon cup of tea.  I've tried at least 10 new teas, many I have discovered I don't like.  I got a few sampler packs and after giving away a fruity kind since I don't like fruity tea, I had someone bring me an iced tea from Starbucks of that same tea.  It was delicious and a gorgeous purple color.  This discovery made me look forward to summertime.  Surprisingly I haven't found a tea I really love yet, but I have found some I don't love.  I've far surpassed my threshold of two new teas each 

Date night inJanuary was a tough month to do two ABT (After Bed Time) meals but it was done.  One night we gobbled in front of the tv and another night we sat and had a lovely meal while Nolan was babbling away in his crib.  Nolan has had some really awful evenings so these might be used more than twice a month.

Stop keeping score.Unfortunately for Dave I am still keeping score but I am trying to not let that affect my actions or reactions to things.  

Take it easier on myself. Treat myself better. THIS is what I really need to work on.  I am taking it easier on what Nolan should eat and it gives me pleasure that he pushed away the macaroni and cheese from a box as well as the cheese puffs offered to him at a class we take.  But I am trying to be more relaxed about that.  I'm also trying to be more relaxed with me.  I've been better to myself but this is a tough resolution.

DO things, stop thinking about doing things. This has been a super duper resolution.  Sixty seconds is a long time.  I can take the garbage out, I can pop upstairs and change my clothes.  I can do a lot of things in 60 seconds which helps me be able to cross all that stuff off of the to-do list.  I got a ton of stuff done in January.  Every day I accomplished small random stuff.  Most days I make a list during the morning of stuff i need to do each day and try to find a way to get them done.  Things in the house like washing all the blankets we use while watching tv or taking down the Christmas decorations.  Taking down the lights outside (it was super warm one night after nolan went to bed I did it.  It took less than 15 minutes by my self).  Writing these things down somehow makes it easier for me to do it.  Perhaps is because I actually remember what I wanted to do.  

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