Monday, January 2, 2012

Randy Randoms

Christmas was FUN this year.  Nolan had a blast and it was fun to enjoy the magic of Christmas and all the stuff that grown ups forget about.  Grownups are generally too caught up in what we're serving, where everyone will be sitting, if the house is clean, if there is enough toilet paper, etc.  But this year it was really fun to make cookies FOR SANTA.  To decorate them FOR SANTA.  To see what Santa brought for us on Christmas morning etc. 
 But what was also really fun was seeing my family.  I don't see my family very often, my parents are in Florida and my brother and sister-in-law and their 3 kids... well, that says it all, doesn't it.  THREE kids.  I can't imagine.  But we saw a lot of them last week and Nolan really really loved it.
 From all the tickling and the chasing after, the new toys, the sugar, the madness- it was a real blast for Nolan.   While it was utterly exhausting to have all that chaos, it was awesome.  Last week I was thanking the moon and stars for having our house back, for eating like normal again, for having no more cookies.  But that tune has changed.  I miss it already.
But it's over.  This week is the week the world resumes some sort of order.  When we go back to the kiddie classes we sign up for, when people go back to work, when the world gets quieter.  In a big way I'm anxious for the normalcy to come back I also already miss the sheer chaos of the holidays.

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