Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pretend Play

Nolan has just entered a phase of pretend play. I must confess, I LOVE this phase.  It's fun, as a parent, to watch him pretend to share, care and play with random items.  For example, he sometimes scribbles on a board and then tells me what they are: cow, fish, whale, etc. Here Nolan is showing Paper Plate Snowman (let's call him PPS from now on, since I suspect we'll be seeing a lot of him) his music train.  
 Here he is trying to hand PPS one of the cars of the music train.  For the record, it's not easy to get PPS to stay on the chair and I've witnessed many meltdowns while trying to perform this task.
 Don't mind this totally random Hawaiian shirt.  He found it in a box of hand me down clothes.  But in this photo if you can see past that loud shirt he's wiping the noses of the three ducks on the train with a tissue.
 And here PPS and Nolan are working in the kitchen together.  
Nolan is a really sweet kid.  The sweet bursts come fast and furious, occasionally he slows down to give a brief snuggle.  But watching this form of tenderness really melts my heart.  He's a growing changing boy.  I'm not sure I'm ready for Nolan to have imaginary friends or anything like that but I enjoy watching his imagination take off.  As a grown up I forgot how to use my imagination.  Spending time with him has really brought mine back but it's rather dull.  I can't wait to explore with him.

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